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[root-me] XPath injection – blind

Statement You’ve to retrieve the administrator password.' => XPath error: //user[userid=1\']  : single quotes and many special characters were escaped it means I can't use a string with quotes directly to find password value so I will use substring compare to substring, but we have to find password length first. ] | //user[1][userid=1 and … Continue reading [root-me] XPath injection – blind

[root-me] LDAP injection – authentication

Statement Bypass authentication mechanism. input: username=*)&password=111 ERROR : Invalid LDAP syntax : (&(uid=*))(userPassword=111)) (we know query structure) input: username=*)(%26&password=111 which will become (&(uid=*)(&)(userPassword=111)) but the output is : unknown identifiers ... which means my input has no error but i need to add more things ... Please read 4.2.1 section from their document !!! (|(type=Rsc1)(type=Rsc2)) If the … Continue reading [root-me] LDAP injection – authentication

[root-me]NoSQL injection – blind

Statement This is a little web application to test challenge flags. Retrieve the flag for the challenge ’nosqlblind’. I wasted my time for this challenge ... because of "#" character ... I don't think It is the comment character in mongodb until... please read this document, It will help you alot yeah, regex is … Continue reading [root-me]NoSQL injection – blind